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Blk. Spring Water with Fulvic Acid .


Are you finding your life boring, lacking in colour? Then why not drop some acid? Fluvic acid that is... (What, did you think we meant LSD? That stuff’s illegal and dangerous for you. We gave some to our cat, and it still thinks it’s a mouse.) We’re not actually sure what fluvic acid does but if you google it, you’ll find out a heap of interesting scientific facts. Besides, it comes in an excellent black bottle, so you’ll look like you’re in the CIA or something on your morning run. And once you’ve drunk all your fulvic acid with water you can refill it with a milk shake or bourbon or both; now there’s a plan!

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Projector Toilet Night Light

Projector Toilet Night Light .


Ensure minimal splash.
Pissing on a target is clearly more satisfying than wasting it on boring old toilet bowl water. Thanks to illumibowl, which projects one of four cartoony targets onto the water surface, you... more
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Werewolf dog muzzle by reedog

Werewolf dog muzzle by reedog .


Give your dog a bark that’s worse than its’ bite.
You’ve got to walk a dog; maybe your main squeeze has a pet pooch, and you want to get into her good books (and other places), or you’re a dog walker, or you’re just in Mystery Inc, and... more
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Magic Wallet with Flaming Fire

Magic Wallet with Flaming Fire .


Don’t play with fire, pay with fire.
Do you run out of money at the end of every month? Don’t you wish you could pay with something else? Well, now you can **pay with fire**..and magic! With this magic wallet as soon as you... more
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Reef Men’s Dram Sandal - Flask sandals

Reef Men’s Dram Sandal - Flask sandals .


The Dram Sandal- damn fine footwear that’ll get you pissed in a good way.
There are all kinds of casual places a cool guy likes to go and get wasted, but the man (or woman these days) won’t let him. Now smart guys are thinking foot first with the Dram sandal. A... more
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Stanley Classic Flask

Stanley Classic Flask .


You’re not going to get drunk enough.
Being in nature is good for your soul but let’s face it, a lifetime of city living has broken you. Being in nature drunk with friends allows you to express the sadness of your broken soul... more
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$10,000 in Real Looking Prop Money

$10,000 in Real Looking Prop Money .


If you can’t make the money, fake the money.
We all want money, but most of us don’t have nearly enough of it. You can either work harder for your money or steal it, both of those are bad options. There is a third way, buy some fake... more
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Hidden door Hinge System

Hidden door Hinge System .


Make your home look unhinged with secret doors.
Have you always wanted to have your secret room? Now you can come with hidden hinges you can turn a door into a secret door shaped like a bookcase or cupboard or anything that isn’t a... more
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Shelf Life

Shelf Life .


Be somebody else for a day or even a week.
Sick of your boring life? How about having someone else excellent life; lifeguard, war correspondent or even the Bulgarian Minister for finance. Pay a few thousand bucks and live someone... more
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Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S .


Leave the dollars for the dinosaurs with the Ledger NanoS.
Things get so dated so fast these days. It’s amazing some people are still talking on telephones or wiping their butts with paper. And some people are still using paper for money? How... more
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